Friday, November 2, 2007

Bridge building is easy!!! (If you know how!!!)

This is a great program to download....but ask mum & dad's permission BEFORE you download anything onto your home computer.This program is the one we used in Technology Class. See if you can make the least expensive's not as easy as you think!(Especially if it needs to be structurally sound & able to carry loads!!)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Flip, slide, turn!!

Hi Year 4,
This is the site where I downloaded the great anim8or activity we used in technology lessons this week. There will be many times in the future where you will need the skills where you flip, slide or turn objects. We discussed jobs where these skills are needed.
This program is similar to the ones used to make the animated movies we like to watch. It allows you to look at your 3D creations from all angles. There are some tutorials (another name for lessons) that show you how to make your objects move.
Has anyone figured out how to add eyes to the robots you made in class?
Please share any of your learning...we can all learn from eachother!!
Mrs M & Mrs S

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Colony Building

Over the last few weeks in technology lessons, you have been investigating the first fleet database to find information about different convicts. You were asked to find some convicts that you would pardon so that they could be of use to you in the colony.
You were looking for convicts that could be very useful to the new colony - in other words - convicts that had good skills.

I would like to know:
Which convicts would you choose?
Why would you want to use their skills?
Do you think they would be a threat to you - were they dangerous convicts?

Looking forward to seeing your comments!
Mrs Mi & Mrs M

Thursday, August 2, 2007

First Fleet Reflections

We have been learning about the transportation of convicts to Australia aboard the First Fleet.
This week we reflected on "If you were in charge of transporting convicts to a new country, what would you do the same as Captain Arthur Phillip?" And "What would you do differently?"

Brianna Wrote:
If I was in charge of convicts I would keep the convicts in the bottom of the boat and let them up once a week so they don't get sick.
I wouldn't let children be transported to a different country, and if a mother had a baby I'll let the marines look after it so it doesn't get sick.

Andrew H wrote:
I would give the same amount of rations for everybody, go to the same country, Australia, respect the Aborigines like Arthur Phillip did, and take the same amount of marines, convicts, warships and crew.
I would do a lot of things differently. First, I would get more ships, 1 big medicine ship, 8 transport ships, 4 store ships and 2 warships. Also, because there are more transports, the convicts would have more room and space. After I was done I would have tried to find a shorter route.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Convict and Colony Excursion

As you all know, we are going on an excursion on Friday to learn more about British Colonisation. We have talked in class about what the excursion involves.
I would like to know what you are hoping to see / do on the excursion. What are you looking forward to? What aren't you looking forward to?
Mrs Mi

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

British Colonisation

This term we have started to learn about British Colonisation. We have started 'reflection books' so that you can write down what you have learnt each week. Some of the interesting reflections will get posted on this blog each week.

Week 1
Eliza wrote:
I know that Sarah Dorset was a convict and that she is one of my relatives (she stole a coat and was sent to Australia). I also know that there was a war between England and America and England won so they were in charge. Since England's jails were full they started sending prisoners to America. There was another war and America won so they wouldn't take any more prisoners, so they sent them to Australia/New Holland.
I would like to know about some of my relatives and about Captain James Cook.

Andrew S wrote:
I know that the convicts and the prisoners were the first people to come to Australia. I know they arrived in Australia in 1788. I know they travelled for 8 months from England to Australia. I know they stayed under the ship and had not seen the sun for 8 months. I know some died and some got sick and some survived. I know that they didn't have an engine.
I would like to know how many people were in each ship. I would like to know how many ships there were. I would like to know if they got any food.

Well done guys! You have come up with some interesting thoughts.
Mrs Mi

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our Wiki Space

We have just started a wiki space for our class.

This blog is a place to comment on all the things in the wiki as well as a place to talk about all the exciting things we do in class.The first thing to talk about is our last unit on SPACE!We put our Aliens up on the wiki for everyone to see. Aren't they great!

Well your teachers want to know Year 4,
What was the best thing about the Space unit?
Was there anything you did not like?
What would you suggest we put in the unit for next year?

Please click on the 'comment' link at the end of this post and let us know. Remember your internet safety rules, only first names please and don't forget to spell check your work (or get someone to help you) before you send your comment.

We are looking forward to hearing from you,
Mrs M & Mrs Mi !!!!!